We started out working from my parents house over 20 years ago. I had tried working for my dad in the bakery but the hours weren't the best. He started at 4am!!

At this point I'd like to say THANKS MUM for letting me dismantle my old bikes in your kitchen... ;-)


Not long after this, a shop became available in Avondale where I started 'Wheels n Deals'. In this shop I bought and sold bikes as well as second hand general items. Unfortunately one of my trusted friends who was helping me did the dirty on me and to cut a long story short, I had to close the shop.


I then opened a new store in Hills Road, Shirley where I decided to concentrate mainly on Bikes.The business went well, but I had to deal with some annoying issues like leaks and many early morning wake up calls to a smashed front window and a stolen bike or two. As a result of this the insurance company wasn't too keen to include glass cover in my policy.

After a few years working here and building the business up, I sold it to another dutch bike enthusiast. This allowed me to have a well deserved rest and re-evalute my goals

At the time there were thousands of bikes ending up at the refuse stations around the city. I decided to try and re-use or restore as many of these as possible and then started Around Again Cycles in Woolston Village.

The earthquake knocked us around for a bit and our neighbours all moved on but we're still there.