Q. How do I go about buying a mountain bike?
A.Check this article for more info.

Q. How do I stop my wheels from buckling?
A. You need to get the spokes checked and tensioned regularly as they do come loose over time, more so if you do much mountain biking over uneven surfaces.

Q. Should I use Riser or Flat handle bars?
A. Riser bars are better for Free riding, Flat for racing. Flat bars and bar ends are best for climbing whereas, risers are better for descending.

Q. How do i repair a puncture?
A. Check this tutorial.

Q. How much pressure should I put into my tyres?
A. 45psi (or 310kPa) for the average rider. Note that this is higher than a standard car tyre which is usually filled to only 30-40 psi.

Q. What type of frame is best?
A. See this article.

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