Daily hire rates:

(bikes up to $500) 


½ day $30,

full day $45,

1 week $190

long term hire

1 month: $450


(bikes from $500 up to $1500) 

 ½ day $45,

full day $70,

1 week $300

long term hire

1 month: $850


(Down-hill bikes; $65 for half day, $100 for full day) 

 *bikes must arrive back in clean condition or a $15 surcharge will be added




For all hire bikes, Photo ID is required and Hire fee is payable upon pick up.

The hire bikes include a lock & helmet and carry a full warranty against everything but punctures and bucked wheels.


Long-Term Hire:


All our bikes Over $150 are available for long-term hire (package/group deals available), The maximum hire period is 12 months with half your money paid back up to 2 months and 1/3rd of your money back after 2 months and up to 1 year, with 1/4 money paid back on accessories. If you think you can re-sell bike elsewhere for more during this time, feel free to do this. 


#Note; For travelers ending up with their bikes elsewhere in NZ, we have bike-shops there who will purchase your bike at the agreed rate and deliver it back to us with an additional $60 to $80 charge for P&P.